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Wearing a cashmere garment is like bringing with them a piece of history, fashion and high tradition.

Allegranzi cashmere marries knitting traditions and the innovation of contemporary design. Today, as in the past, the skilled hands of master craftsmen give shape to garments to wear and pass on.

All the items in the Chiara Allegranzi collection start from this premise. Each collection tries to enclose these values and transmit their respective emotions.

Chiara Allegranzi, always faithful to the original vision, is not only cashmere. In different periods of the year the collection is enriched with new yarns. From viscose to cotton, from linen to silk. In the collection you can also choose viscose garments. An ancient fiber that gives rise to precious threads, very appreciated for their proper characteristics. Viscose is characterized by a high degree of perfection. The thread is in fact of an incomparable fineness and precision. It is durable and easy to maintain. And its natural and silky shine favors the optical effect of colors giving the garments an unmistakable and unique shine. Like silk, viscose has a natural origin and presents a whole series of properties that determine a high wearing comfort. The garments made of cotton are always versatile and feminine. Cotton is a natural, soft, extremely shiny fiber that is often used in the Allegranzi Spring-Summer collection. Cotton is a light, soft material with high absorption properties, which is worn for a lifetime to knitwear suitable for the seasons. The style is always that Chiara Allegranzi and the softness and the essentiality of the fabric emphasize elegance and refinement. A style that recurs in garments made of linen, always ideal for the warmer seasons, and with silk, the noblest of the textile fibers that is used to make fine fabrics. Precious garments that in truth can always be worn at any time of the year. Very fresh in summer, silk is also warm in winter. Like wool, despite its thinness, it is in fact extraordinarily insulating.