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Who is Chiara

Chiara Allegranzi was born in Milan in 1973.

Lover of beauty, passionate about art and theology.

Chiara Allegranzi was born into a very close family and received the great gift of an education rich in strong and healthy values. An education that allows it to internalize the value of discipline, humility and gratitude linked to the ability to appreciate what you have without taking it for granted.

Chiara Allegranzi grows breathing in the beauty and since she was a child she matures her passion for art and painting. She was in fact a frequent visitor to exhibitions and growing up she developed a strong desire to create beautiful and at the same time “good” things.

She always drawed and realized with the idea not of a simple aesthetic beauty, but of a positive and constructive intrinsic value.


And so after high school Chiara Allegranzi enrolled at Istituto Marangoni. Specialized in Fashion design, Chiara immediately began her career. Gucci, Tombolino, Armani. Stylistic and commercial advising, useful to understand what was sold and how it was sold. Until 2005. In 2005 Chiara Allegranzi -Milano was born: an innovative but romantically traditional and feminine fashion brand.A women’s first collection of knitwear in fine yarns that has as its common thread the beauty and elegance.