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Hand washing : 1. place the knitwear upside down in a large basin (no aluminum or iron) or in the sink (no steel), inserting 1 teaspoon of detergent for delicate garments for each sweater in 5 liters of water at room temperature (max. 30 ° centigrade or max 86 ° Fahrenheit). If you want to make it softer, add 1 coffee spoon of ammonia * to the water together with the detergent for delicate garments that you added previously, so that the knitwear will be softer with each wash. Soak it for 3 minutes, moving it gently with your hands. Then rinse until the water becomes clear. Gently squeeze with your hands. 2. Roll up in a soft towel, so as to eliminate at least 90% of the water. (or put it in the washing machine on the contrary, better if placed in the special bag for the washing machine (you can buy it on the site), with a maximum spin 1 and a half minutes at a maximum of 600 rpm). 3. Make the joints equal with your hands. Store to dry flat There are two things that felts cashmere, mohair and its precious blends: too much detergent and too much water trapped in the fibers. 4. Equalize the joints of the knitwear garment well with your hands and iron (iron with one ball or two or three ... it depends on the type of iron when it allows steam to escape) first inside out and then straight with touches of steam but to a few cm (10 cm) apart. To eliminate any creases, you can also place the iron (medium setting temperature) on the garment, but using a well-washed and ironed white cotton fabric to be placed between the iron and the knitwear garment. 5. Before folding it, let it cool completely and place in a dry and not too hot area of the cupboard, using the cedar wood heart supplied. These Lebanese cedar wood hearts are a natural anti-moth (you can also buy them on the site in groups of 5). Machine washing: always put the garment in the washing machine inside out and better if it is in the washing machine bag (you can buy it on the site). Select the delicate garments program (it will be a short wash and with a spin at low speed) at zero degrees (important), inserting 1 teaspoon of detergent for delicate garments (if the garments are 3 = 3 teaspoon) and if you want to make softer, also add a teaspoon of ammonia * to the water with the detergent for delicate clothes previously added. Then proceed with points 3, 4 and 5. * Check for any allergies with ammonia first.

In the event of stains, pre-treat the stain with natural Marseille soap as follows:

1. Moisten the stain with water at room temperature by fully understanding the surface of the stain;

2. Rub a little natural Marseille soap on the backside first (do not use too much, because Marseille soap is one of the most powerful degreasers on the market). Using a little soap inside out, you can also see if the color of the garment will fade or not, so that if you eventually notice that the color fades, you can immediately stop the operation by quickly rinsing the stain area with water at room temperature) ;

3. massage the stain very gently in a circular direction, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise;

4 repeat operations 2 and 3 on the obverse;

5. first rinse the treated area from the inside out and then from the right side until all soap residue is completely eliminated. (This thorough rinsing operation is important to prevent halos from remaining around the stain);

6. if necessary repeat the point 3 and 4 until the stain disappears;

7. proceed with washing by hand or in the washing machine.