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Collezioni dominate dalla bellezza, dalla ricerca e da un elegante semplicità. Collezioni declinate alle stagionalità che prendono ispirazione da vita, arte e sculture. A disegnare è sempre Chiara che cura con passione e attenzione ogni singolo passaggio. Dalla scelta dei filati alla realizzazione presso i maglifici più prestigiosi presenti in Italia. Chiara Allegranzi Milano è un autentico Made in Italy.
Today the Chiara Allegranzi Milano brand bases its most authentic meaning and its aesthetic research in the production 100 per 100 Made in Italy, in a longstanding craftsmanship and in a fine tailoring of skilled operators . The garments are the expression of a fusion among fashion, crafts and industry . Knitwear fashion garments that contain a meaning, a value both intrinsic and aesthetic through care and attention to every detail. The best way to make sure your cashmere garments last is to treat them with care. Cashmere is a natural fiber and when it is of excellent quality it does not “suffer” water. On the contrary, an appropriate treatment helps to maintain the shape, the color and increases the softness of the garment. The items in the Chiara Allegranzi collection can also be washed in the washing machine with the appropriate program for wool or cashmere garments. Contrary to what is sometimes thought, bringing always the garment to dry cleaners for a dry cleaning, we risks ruining the yarn of the garment that gets impoverished and depleted. A quality pure cashmere garment usually contains a very high amount of fiber. It is therefore conceivable that after a reasonable time of use of the knitwear garment, the excess fibers, due to continuous mechanical stresses due to the inevitable rubbing, give rise to unsightly pellets (“pilling”). It will be enough to remove the pilling by hand or with a lint remover (on the market there are these small appliances) and proceed with the washing. This effect will decrease after some washes.