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Everything is inspiration.

Art, music, climate, emotions, pains, personal joys, but above all interpersonal relationships. Chiara Allegranzi is particularly attentive to the fascinating and multi-faceted world of women. He loves listening to women, paying attention to their desires, their family life, work and be able to anticipate their needs. The desire and the goal is to succeed in creating beautiful, stylish knitwear garments, but also practical and versatile. Capi with which a woman always manages to feel at ease with herself and with the world around her. For this reason we pay close attention to the structural modelling of the knitwear garments.

Simplicity, elegance and innovation.

Chiara Allegranzi loves unconventional style matches, laces, prints etc, that tell a story about art and fashion. Fur accessories are never left out.


Beauty of things, of people, of ideas, of ways, of words. Beauty of life. Beauty as a form of the inner quality of people and things. Beauty that always coincides with a high stylistic and aesthetic content together. Essential lines, linear intertwining, synthesis of great riches. When there is authenticity, everything is clearer and every quality is enhanced, brought to its fullest expression.