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Chi Sono

Chi è Chiara?

Chiara Allegranzi was born in Milan in 1973.

Lover of beauty, passionate about art and theology.

Chiara Allegranzi was born into a very close family and received the great gift of an education rich in strong and healthy values. An education that allows it to internalize the value of discipline, humility and gratitude linked to the ability to appreciate what you have without taking it for granted.

Chiara Allegranzi grows breathing in the beauty and since she was a child she matures her passion for art and painting. She was in fact a frequent visitor to exhibitions and growing up she developed a strong desire to create beautiful and at the same time “good” things.

She always drawed and realized with the idea not of a simple aesthetic beauty, but of a positive and constructive intrinsic value.


And so after high school Chiara Allegranzi enrolled at Istituto Marangoni. Specialized in Fashion design, Chiara immediately began her career. Gucci, Tombolino, Armani. Stylistic and commercial advising, useful to understand what was sold and how it was sold. Until 2005. In 2005 Chiara Allegranzi -Milano was born: an innovative but romantically traditional and feminine fashion brand.A women’s first collection of knitwear in fine yarns that has as its common thread the beauty and elegance.


The passion for knitwear was born when Chiara commissioned the creation of a collection of cashmere knitwear with very thin and colorful yarns coming directly from Mongolia. It was immediate love! A working environment built on both an ancient and modern professionalism conquered her immediately. Young knitting machine technicians who worked closely with embroiderer and women professionals in this field who had behind them even forty years of experience. Different generations, from which confrontation and sometimes clash, were born and are being born brilliant ideas and innovations. From this different generations that faced and sometimes clashed each other, were born and being emerging brilliant ideas and innovations. Hence the decision to go down this road and above all to work only cashmere and noble fibers. A choice of value that has immediately attracted others choices, first of all that of placing the entire production chain in Italy, creating a product that combines craftsmanship and innovation, beauty and nature, style and research.


Beauty of things, of people, of ideas, of ways, of words. Beauty of life. Beauty as a form of the inner quality of people and things. Beauty that always coincides with a high stylistic and aesthetic content together. Essential lines, linear intertwining, synthesis of great riches. When there is authenticity, everything is clearer and every quality is enhanced, brought to its fullest expression.


Everything is inspiration.

Art, music, climate, emotions, pains, personal joys, but above all interpersonal relationships. Chiara Allegranzi is particularly attentive to the fascinating and multi-faceted world of women. He loves listening to women, paying attention to their desires, their family life, work and be able to anticipate their needs. The desire and the goal is to succeed in creating beautiful, stylish knitwear garments, but also practical and versatile. Capi with which a woman always manages to feel at ease with herself and with the world around her. For this reason we pay close attention to the structural modelling of the knitwear garments.

Simplicity, elegance and innovation.

Chiara Allegranzi Chiara Allegranzi loves unconventional style matches, laces, prints etc, that tell a story about art and fashion. Fur accessories are never left out.


Cashmere is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the Hyrcus goat, native to the mountainous regions of Asia and today located mostly in the northern part of China, in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan. The difficulties related to the retrieval and control of the fiber further increase its value. The best spinning mills are found in Ireland, but especially in Italy – from where we buy, because they have a ancient and irreplaceable experience in processing and above because all they respect the quality and hygiene checks.

Allegranzi cashmere marries knitting traditions and the innovation of contemporary design. Today, as in the past, the skilled hands of master craftsmen give shape to garments to wear and pass on. All the knitwear garments in the Chiara Allegranzi collection start from this concept.

Colors and workings

Per la realizzazione di ogni nostro capo ci avvaliamo di filati delle migliori Filature Italiane, come Filati Biagioli Modesto, Cariaggi, Gruppo Tollegno, Loro Piana, Millefili, Tintoria di Quaregna.

Ogni volta valutiamo la qualità e la tipologia di filato più adeguata al capo che si intende realizzare e soprattutto si ricercano i giusti toni di colore.

Oltre alle colorazioni tradizionali eseguite con grande rigore e massimo controllo sulla qualità del prodotto, abbiamo inserito la scelta di filati con colorazioni estratte solamente da erbe e piante prodotti dalla Tintoria di Quaregna. La loro ricerca ha sviluppato in chiave ecologica e moderna questi procedimenti forse anche un po’ dimenticati. Questi colori rappresentano realmente una vera arte della tintura naturale e sono ben diversi dai colori cosiddetti ecologici ottenuti con prodotti chimici definiti a basso impatto ambientale.

La palette dei colori risulta cosi totalmente differente: profuma di natura, colori polverosi, morbidi, non omogenei dove un capo risulta totalmente differente dall’altro.

La bellezza passa anche da questa “non-omologazione”.


Wearing a cashmere garment is like bringing with them a piece of history, fashion and high tradition.

Allegranzi cashmere marries knitting traditions and the innovation of contemporary design. Today, as in the past, the skilled hands of master craftsmen give shape to garments to wear and pass on.

All the items in the Chiara Allegranzi collection start from this premise. Each collection tries to enclose these values and transmit their respective emotions.

Chiara Allegranzi, pur rimanendo fedele alla sua visione iniziale incentrata sul cashmere, amplia periodicamente la sua collezione con nuovi filati. La gamma si estende dalla viscosa, con la sua lucentezza naturale e facilità di manutenzione, al cotone, noto per la sua morbidezza e lucentezza, particolarmente presente nella collezione primavera-estate per le sue proprietà di assorbimento e adattabilità alle stagioni calde. Anche il lino e la seta, la più nobile delle fibre, giocano un ruolo centrale, con il lino che offre capi ideali per il caldo e la seta che si distingue per la sua versatilità termica, essendo fresca d’estate e calda d’inverno. La collezione Allegranzi pone l’accento sulla qualità e sull’eccellenza dei materiali, proponendo capi che combinano femminilità ed eleganza, mantenendo lo stile distintivo del marchio.

Made in Italy

Collections dominated by the beauty, research and elegant simplicity. Collections declined to seasonality that take inspiration from life, art and sculptures. Chiara is always designing with passion and attention every single step. From the choice of yarns to the realization of knitwear garment in the most prestigious knitwear italian factories. Chiara Allegranzi Milan is an authentic Made in Italy.


Il brand Chiara Allegranzi Milano si distingue per il suo impegno nella produzione esclusivamente Made in Italy, simbolo di sartorialità e artigianato di alta qualità. I capi sono concepiti all’intersezione tra moda, industria e artigianato, con un valore sia intrinseco sia estetico, dato dalla cura di ogni dettaglio. La durabilità dei capi in cashmere è assicurata dalla cura nella loro manutenzione; la fibra di cashmere di alta qualità, infatti, beneficia del lavaggio con acqua che ne preserva forma e morbidezza. Contrariamente alle abitudini comuni, il lavaggio a secco frequente può danneggiare il tessuto, mentre il lavaggio in lavatrice con programmi dedicati è consigliato. Il “pilling” è un fenomeno naturale per capi di puro cashmere, ma può essere gestito rimuovendo i pallini manualmente o con strumenti appositi, e tende a diminuire con i lavaggi. La collezione Chiara Allegranzi promette capi di lunga durata grazie all’elevato standard dei materiali e alle tecniche di manutenzione consigliate.