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The passion for knitwear was born when Chiara commissioned the creation of a collection of cashmere knitwear with very thin and colorful yarns coming directly from Mongolia. It was immediate love! A working environment built on both an ancient and modern professionalism conquered her immediately. Young knitting machine technicians who worked closely with embroiderer and women professionals in this field who had behind them even forty years of experience. Different generations, from which confrontation and sometimes clash, were born and are being born brilliant ideas and innovations. From this different generations that faced and sometimes clashed each other, were born and being emerging brilliant ideas and innovations. Hence the decision to go down this road and above all to work only cashmere and noble fibers. A choice of value that has immediately attracted others choices, first of all that of placing the entire production chain in Italy, creating a product that combines craftsmanship and innovation, beauty and nature, style and research.

Cashmere Allegranzi

Cashmere is obtained exclusively from the fleece of the Hyrcus goat, native to the mountainous regions of Asia and today located mostly in the northern part of China, in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan. The difficulties related to the retrieval and control of the fiber further increase its value. The best spinning mills are found in Ireland, but especially in Italy – from where we buy, because they have a ancient and irreplaceable experience in processing and above because all they respect the quality and hygiene checks.

Allegranzi cashmere marries knitting traditions and the innovation of contemporary design. Today, as in the past, the skilled hands of master craftsmen give shape to garments to wear and pass on. All the knitwear garments in the Chiara Allegranzi collection start from this concept.

Colors and workings

The best cashmere is the most suitable white one to be dyed in pastel colors. Gray and brown follow, from which the colors and the darkest shades are dyed. A cashmere garment can be dyed with darker colors than the base color. There are specialized dye works that carry out this type of service, including the dyeing of the same Filature, but the result is never like that of a knitted garment made with a colored thread. In fact, it is necessary to distinguish between “yarn dyed” and “garment dyed”. Often, to have a product at a lower cost, it is preferable to make garments and, only afterwards, to color them with specialized dyes. It is not our case. For the realization of each of our garments we use yarns of the best Italian spinning mills, such as Filati Biagioli Modesto, Cariaggi, Gruppo Tollegno, Loro Piana, Millefili, Tintoria di Quaregna. Each time, we evaluate the quality and type of yarn that is most suitable for the garment we intend to make and above all we look for the right color shades. In addition to the traditional colors performed with great rigor and maximum control over the quality of the product, we have included the choice of yarns with colors extracted only from herbs and plants produced by the Tintoria di Quaregna. Their research, conducted on the traditional methods of natural coloring and on the elements of flora and fauna adopted since ancient times, has developed these processes, perhaps even a little forgotten, in an ecological and modern key. These colors really represent a true art of natural dyeing and are very different from the so-called ecological colors obtained with chemical products defined with low environmental impact. The color palette is so totally different from that of traditional dyed yarns: the colors are dusty, soft, non-homogeneous and therefore one garment is totally different from the other. Beauty also passes through this “non-homologation”.