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My family values push me to strive for excellence and by character i'm drawn towards beauty and perfection. Cashmere embodies all these characteristics and takes them to new heights.


Collections dominated by beauty, elegance and simplicity.

Collections declined to seasonality that take inspiration from life, art and sculptures.

Chiara is always the one who draws and cares with love and attention for every single passage. From the choice of yarns to the complete production of garments in the most prestigious Italian knitwear factories.

Chiara Allegranzi

Today the Chiara Allegranzi Milano brand bases its most authentic meaning and its aesthetic research in the production 100 per 100 Made in Italy, in a longstanding craftsmanship and in a fine tailoring of skilled operators.

The garments are the expression of a fusion among fashion, crafts and industry . Knitwear fashion garments that contain a meaning, a value both intrinsic and aesthetic through care and attention to every detail.


Viale San Michele del Carso, 2
20144 Milano Italia